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ここは静かです よかったね~

Experience of having a japanese novio - EAT

1. Professional when having sushi

Before him, I didn't know that sushi can be ordered! Everything is ordered where there is a restaurant right? U got the menu, u choose then wait for foods to be served. If u don't wanna order so u went to sushi train that pick the ones u like! That is the reason we went to sushi train but not nihon ryori, as everything has already been placed on the roller??

So when he started to enjoy what he had ordered, I was still holding the chopsticks waiting for my favourite one moving towards me. Yes, I spend most of the time waiting, especially when I sit far and my favourite ones had already been taken by the customers sitting in the beginning of table! That for the first time I get to know that sushi can be ordered.


By the way, he is so sexy when ordering food in Japanese.⁄(⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄

When he ordered ramen and yakiniku for me in japanese, that is so cool!

Not only ordering food, i enjoy listening him speak japanese. As I am crazy about anime and I like those CVs a lot.  I feels like a real CV besides me because I have no chance to listen to a real Japanese speaks sexy Japanese to me! Anyway my japanese classes start next week and i really wanna surprise him when he comes back.


2. SPICY だめ

I used to be crazy about spicy food and i believe most of the Chinese love spicy food. On the contrary, my boyfriend cannot have spicy food at all! When we went to have 麻辣烫, he always said "wowowooww" when he saw my bowl, which had already turned into red with a lot of chili oil on top. 麻辣烫 is similar to hot pot that customers can add sauce by themselves, but once the waiter added chili for him! ノ)゚Д゚( 

So it is a little bit of interesting that he agreed to go Sichuan with me as that place is the paradise of chili haha. Our first meal in chengdu is definitely hot pot. My friend ordered special one with a pot of original soup in the center just for him. And next day we had more spicy food and he said ”美味しい”!Unbelievable!

Anyway I cannot have spicy food now, which might be a good news for him.



All Japanese love salty food? or 彼氏だけ?

When we had ramen together, i always ordered lighter base and might add more water. Everytime i said salty he said he loved it. mum told him salty food is not healthy i guess he didn't take it serious. And what he cooked at my home is also salty (明太子 パスタ と 生姜焼き)。Would like to change his diet habit and wonder whether it is possible.


4. コーヒ大好き

i like sweat food so coffee is never in my list. Chinese around me prefer tea, milk tea. He loves coffee so much and must have at least one can everyday. Unbelievable! For me, i even dont know how to order a cup of coffee in the cafe. Recently he bought a machine that can make coffee at home. So maybe our home in the future will be full of coffee smell. Maybe I will like it then, just maybe.

This is our story

f:id:juliechoi92:20170409212549p:plain  f:id:juliechoi92:20170409194924p:plain

Cony is my favourite character of all cartoons I have ever seen.

I found so many similar traits of myself in this cute rabbit.

What's more, my boyfriend is even more like the partner of Cony - Brown.


f:id:juliechoi92:20170409214859j:plain f:id:juliechoi92:20170409215100j:plain

f:id:juliechoi92:20170409214952j:plain f:id:juliechoi92:20170409215052j:plain 


Our story was just like those cute stickers and we are sure to have a happy ending as well. 


My boyfriend is Japanese. He is quiet and silent for most of the time. He doesn't talks as much as I do. We use three kinds of language when we communicate with each other (English for most of the time, Japanese after I learn some new phrases or sentences, Chinese when I teach him our dirty words), or to be accurate, I use three kinds. When we are together, I am always the one that keeps talking. Lucky that my boyfriend is patient enough (maybe) to be the listener.

We are definitely the A Type.


First Date

First Impression

Our first date was in a Ramen restaurant🍜.

He wore a beige sweater, with one of his feet standing against the wall.

Like this → f:id:juliechoi92:20170409172412p:plain

And he had a black headphone around his neck f:id:juliechoi92:20170409172707p:plain ,

which appeared many times in our following dates as well .

"He is so tall", I said to myself, because you can never tell the height from the photo. What surprised me a little bit is that he had long hair.

He tied them up into a little knot.

Like this ↓

 f:id:juliechoi92:20170409173104p:plain  f:id:juliechoi92:20170409173452j:plain  f:id:juliechoi92:20170409173722p:plain 

And yes, the third one オダギリジョー is exactly the appearance, because he also has beard and moustache.

Suddenly I started to feel nervous when I walked closer to say "Hello, I'm Julie" in front of him. After that one-sentence self introduction I didn't look at him at all because I had already felt my face going blushed (*////▽////*). We both arrived earlier than the opening time of restaurant, so we went to the cafe nearby and waited for another 20 minutes.

Waiting Time


I don't know why I bring two little 🍊 with me so I gave him one.

The way he peeled that orange was another interesting point that i remembered till now.

Because the way I peel the orange is to tear into many small pieces.

f:id:juliechoi92:20170409180525j:plain  f:id:juliechoi92:20170409180545p:plain

but he keeps the peel a complete piece, which is easier to clean.


“这个可以” (いいですね), I said to myself secrectly. ⭐️

We talked about animes. So happy to meet someone that likes animes and manga as well. More points were added. ⭐️⭐️


I ordered Chashu ramen. 


He paid in cash for our bill so I said "My treat next time".

Then we went to a Starbuck and had a happy but little formal chat. We introduced our hometown to each other. We kept searching online for the expression we wanna use. Google translation helped us a lot, which was definitely the most funny part.

After that I went to class and he went to his meet-up activity. I felt a little bit nervous or worried I couldn't tell. I wondered that whether today was the first and the last date. What if he didn't like this Chinese girl. What if he thought I was too extrovert and too active? What if he thought I talked too much and was noisy? After all it was the first time for me to go out with a foreigner. I kept checking my phone for new message. 

After six hours anxious waiting, I received his message. A photo of ramen in Hataka Maru and "my second ramen today", he said.


Not only excited, but also delighted, I know I fell in love.


Second Date

First Chinese Food

We met in a Chinese restaurant for our second date. I introduced our Chinese noodle to him.


We had many ramen/noodle/soba/udon/pasta till now.


He wore a hat that day. f:id:juliechoi92:20170409185012p:plain

Now I know it was because he didn't tie his hair.

"面倒くさい", this might be his words.


First ice-cream


We went to Aqua S to have that sea salt icecream and took this photo, which is the very first photo we took together.


And after this we had many icecream together:



First Nihon Ryori


We had our first sukiyaki nabe on the day I finished my mid-term exam. He visited my campus and main building for the first time. I took a photo for him besides the logo of my university and that was the first time as well. He changed this photo as his new portfolio,ちょっと嬉しかった🤓

First time hand in hand


That day we met at my uni and we had meat box for dinner.

He showed a book he newly bought about how to learn Chinese.


Then as promised, we exchanged iPod.

When I was watching his live performance on that little screen, I held his hand which had already held mine. My heart was beating sooooo fast that I could even hear that loud sound all around the building. 


My First Cooking 


Our first meal at home was Nabe with miso base.



And then I walked him home

The story of this part will not be disclosed in text.



First movie


I bought tickets using student discount.

We went to the cinema in its last week before it was demolished.

We watched Pet



First Trip

We went on our first trip during common week, that was when he also had day-off.

Our destination is called the "Bare Island", the place where "Mission: Impossible 2" is shot.


We went to the beach!

f:id:juliechoi92:20170409194428j:plain f:id:juliechoi92:20170409215410j:plain

On the bus back home he fell asleep on my shoulder and of course i took photo.



First visit of his room

I helped him to move out so I finally got the chance to have a look of the place he lived.

It rained suddenly along the way and neither of us brought an umbrella. So we decided to use his blanket as raincoat.

びしょびしょ でも楽しかった



First Performance


My boyfriend is a bassist. I was shocked when I heard this.


because he was so quiet and silent.

I always thought that band men as wild and untamed. 


He can also play guitar, of course. So I asked for a VIP performance. He played several melodies for me. More points were added. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


What's more, his hands were absolutely gorgeous!!!

More points were added. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have never seen a male's hands as beautiful as his. That is when I started to take photos of his hands like a hentai.



He said this behaviour was "フェチ". I searched the dictionary and found that it was one kind of abnormal sexuality...... 🤦‍♀️ 




My boyfriend worked from 6 in the morning to about 9 at night, which is a super heavy job. One day I asked him to wait me in the train station but I arrived late.

He waited me for nearly half an hour, without eating anything. He was tired, hungry and angry of course. I was so sorry that time.


He cooked for me

f:id:juliechoi92:20170409210407p:plain  f:id:juliechoi92:20170409215505j:plain

He is actually good at making Japanese food I think. 

More points were added. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️



First Christmas

We went to casino on Christmas Day. That was the first time I went into a casino.

I lost ten dollars, which is a loooooooot to me.

He won a lot.  

More points were added. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️f:id:juliechoi92:20170409212931j:plain

After we came back home, we played poker for several hours.


I won a lot of rubber bands.


My boyfriend will be the dealer with the most beautiful hands.



First New Year Eve

We went to Luna Park to celebrate the new year eve with millions of people.

We counted down together and watched the firework show on the Harbour Bridge.


"あけましておめでとう! 今年もよろしくね〜"

I said this to my boyfriend for the first time.



First oversea travelling


He went to China with me.

This is the first time I took airplane back home with someone else.

And this person is my boyfriend.

For the first time in 5 years, I am not the lonely passenger any more.



Chengdu - Neko cafe

We both like cats. I brought him to the best neko cafe in Chengdu.

He likes cats, and cats like him as well. I was jealous.



My Hometown

We went to the ice-snow park in my hometown. He looked like a niku bun because he wore too much.



First Instant Photo


First postcard



First Birthday


I set an alarm on the day before his birthday.

I woke up at about 01:59 a.m. (Sydney time) and called him on LINE to say Happy Birthday.



 Brush teeth together




Ear massage


I woke up earlier and he was still sleeping deep and sound



And we always don't know what to eat.

So we went to new restaurant recommended by ins.


And we both like to take photos of those beautiful food first before we started. I took a lot sometimes so it was difficult to decide which one is the best.


We went shopping together on weekends, and we save a lot using my student discount.



Wishing List




f:id:juliechoi92:20170409220352p:plain f:id:juliechoi92:20170409220403j:plain





まいにち”おはよう” と ”おやすみ”

f:id:juliechoi92:20170409220928p:plain f:id:juliechoi92:20170409220952j:plain





Not everyone can identify exactly which point is that key to the heart.

Maybe just because he introduced you to his friends gently

Maybe just because he put his cap on your head when it rained suddenly

Maybe just because the way he smiles when you make funny mistakes

Maybe just because he always holds your hand tightly wherever you go

Maybe just because he wore a nice sweater on your first date



People fall in love in mysterious ways,

maybe just a touch of a hand.




何年経っても、何歳になっても、手を繋いでいて~デートに誘って~大切にして~好きだよと言ってね~~ ちゅ〜






Wishing List🐣

  1. 在澳大利亚买一套房子给爸妈🏡
  2. 有自己的房子 不用再交房租🏰
  3. 有自己最棒的厨房
  4. 收集喜欢的漫画书
  5. 有小阳台 放沙发和朋友喝酒
  6. 一个专门的和式房间 有被炉
  7. 自己的茶室🍵
  8. 花道
  9. 照片墙、明信片墙
  10. 森系婚礼💒
  11. 穿各个国家的服装拍搞怪婚纱照🎎
  12. 蜀南竹海、安吉竹海🎋
  13. 走遍中国每个省份🇨🇳
  14. 去非洲🌍
  15. 去美国+夏威夷🇺🇸
  16. 去南美洲🇦🇷🇧🇷
  17. 去看薰衣草田
  18. 出版自己的游记和摄影图集
  19. 去看极光
  20. 掌握日语(可以听懂声优见面会)
  21. 养至少一只猫 (一只狗)🐱
  22. 有自己的小花园 小植物园
  23. 去一次圣地巡礼 
  24. 经常去日本🇯🇵
  25. 赏樱🌸
  26. 体验一次房车自驾旅游🚐
  27. 看繁星银河🌌
  28. 把头发染遍所有喜欢的颜色
  29. 听一场live演唱会👩‍🎤
  30. 看H的乐队表演
  31. 学会一个乐器 如乌克丽丽
  32. 自己开一家小店
  33. 至少再回一次英国🇬🇧
  34. 惊喜的求婚💍
  35. 坐头等舱 在飞机上好好睡觉✈️
  36. 收到一套美美的浴衣/和服👘
  37. 全家一起去旅游👪
  38. 当一次好朋友的伴娘👭
  39. 策划一次大型活动 出点子
  40. 见到喜欢的明星本人
  41. 收到男朋友或先生送的花💐
  42. 情侣装和其他pair的东西ペアルック
  43. 吃二郎拉面🍜
  44. 吃次郎寿司🍣
  45. 体验真正的matsuri!
  46. 烟火大会🎆
  47. Skydiving
  48. 热气球
  49. 买一辆属于自己的车🚘
  50. 乘坐豪华邮轮🛳
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